Hambleton Action Group

Hambleton residents against over-development


February 2017 UPDATE:

The proposal is on the agenda for the 1st March 2017 Wyre Council Planning Committee.

The Focus Group is putting the final touches to our case for the planning meeting. We are working with our Borough & County Councillors to support our case.

Residents can support us in the following ways-

1) ATTEND the planning session as observers, and show your support

2) Make sure the village is covered with POSTERS Objecting to the development

 Get a poster here- http://bit.ly/1MvDu89

3)  Join the group ON SITE on the day of the planning committee, the 1st March- councillors will visit the site on the day of the committee; the decision-makers should see and hear villagers who object to this development 

4) As we move into the colder & wetter months, we are experiencing more and more instances of flooding after even only moderate rainfall. If you get the chance to take a quick snap of any flooding, please share it with us

Further updates will be provided here, on our Facebook page and using the WhatsApp group (e-mail your mobile number if you want to be added to the group)

This is the website of the Hambleton Action Group- Hambleton residents working together to prevent the over-development of our village.

We can be contacted at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HambletonAction/

or e-mail us  info@hambletonaction.co.uk

Wyre Council has received over 430 objections to Gladman’s application to build 165 houses on Arthurs Lane.

Hundreds of villagers have already said “No!” to this development, and with YOUR help, we can stop it!

The planning application will now be heard at a full planning meeting, to be held in either October or November. You have until then to get your objections into Wyre Council.

How to object-

  • On the Internet, go to www.wyre.gov.uk/planningsearch, and search for application 16/00217/OULMAJ
  • e-mail planning@wyre.gov.uk
  • Write a letter; send it to Wyre Council, or put your objection letter into one of our collection boxes in Spar or the Off License.

However you choose to object, please ensure you quote the application reference 16/00217/OULMAJ, and state clearly “I strongly object to this development”.

Even a few sentences will help- here are some things to think about:

  • How will such a big development change the character of our village?
  • How much pressure will an extra 165 homes (that’s 660 more people, or 330 more cars!) put on our roads (including Shard Bridge & A585), our schools, our doctors and dentists?
  • Where will all these people work? How will they get to work, when our bus services are being cut?
  • Why do these houses need to be built here, when we have already had over 100 new houses built in Hambleton?